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   OK, I've been ordered to post something, but don't expect happy and fluffy.

     Like a lot of people, work is sucky. Friday, just before break, my bosses boss ordered me to go outside and move my car (it was in the way of where they wanted to snow plow). This also necessitated getting the snow and ice off my car so I could see. After that, I went on my break.

     When I got back to my station, the Supervisor (my immediate boss) was waiting for me.  She was angry and demanded to know why I left my station. I explained what had happened with the manger (who was both mine and the supervisor's boss) ordering me to leave. She said no, that she was the one who covers my station when I'm gone (which was news to me. Sometimes one of the other workers will cover my station, other times there is a whole bunch of customers waiting for me to get back so thet could be processed).

     Today I did what she said I was supposed to and worked until she showed up to cover my station so I could take a break.. She never bothered to come over, so I had to work my station untill the shift ended.

     I'm a diabetic. There is a reason that need to take a break and grab something to eat during the day. By the end of my shift, I was having a problem. I never should have tried driving home like I usually do. But thinking isn't always easy to do when you have low sugar.  Walking was difficult and arms were sort of jerking.

    Going home was a series of driving, stopping when the jerking got to bad, then continuing on when I was able to hold the car steady in the lane again. It was a long ride home. If I was thinking normally, I never would have even tried it.

     I'm not sure what I'm going to say to her on Tuesday, but the supervisor can't keep doing this. Maybe it would matter if I mentioned that by making me work during my unpaid break, she actually should be paying me overtime? Not sure if I want to go that route. Retaliation from management can be bad.

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Dead Cat

I was driving today. There was a large dead cat at the side of the road (At least I think it was dead). I pulled my car a little to the left to go by it.

I looked in the rear-view mirror and could see the pickup behind me. Instead of going left like me, he turned right so that he (or she) could drive directly over it. I suppose the driver got a big kick out of it.

What is wrong with people?
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QUOTE "Hey dukejr,
Your mutual friend maryrose3 has noticed that you last
updated your journal on LiveJournal 23 weeks ago. Be a friend and go

See? I'm posting Mary!
This is my post. :>P
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Tagged by maryrose3 and claripup

List 10 fictional characters that you would have sex with, then tag five friends:

My answers (not in any order) :

1 Trance Gemini (Purple) {Andromeda - TV}
2 Callisto {Xena - TV}
3 Willow Rosenberg {BTVS - TV}
4 Piper Halliwell {Charmed (early Seasons) - TV}
5 Cordelia Chase {Angel - TV}
6 Chiana {Farscape - TV}
7 Kaywinnit Lee Frye (Kaylee) {Firefly - TV}
8 Sabrina Duncan {Charlies Angels - TV}
9 Six of One {Tripping the Rift - TV}
10 Lucy Kelson {2 Weeks Notice - Movie}

Everyone on my friends list has eigther tagged me with this, have already been tagged with this, or don't want to be tagged. So I tag nobody.
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I forgot to mention how glad I am that Scott and Sarah have been having me over their house for dinner. It's good to get away for a while, ya know? Well, I went to the Neurologist and came back. Mary was nice enough to bring me. He wants more testing down. I get to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours starting Tuesday {twirls index finger in circle. Sarcastic "Whoopee"}. He also wants to have a sleep study down to check if the settings are right on my CPAP machine. (I have sleep apnea. CPAP is a machine that blows air down your thought so you don't (momentarily) stop breathing). What the heck that has to do with anything is beyond me. So, basically I'm still in limbo. The Neurologist is getting a better set of pictures from the people who did the MRA. The cat scans did show signs of a stroke {Well, Duh!!! Why does he think he was called in, anyways?). So, I'm doing OK. I've survived worse. I'll survive whatever happens. Would be nice not to have the headaches, though. And to be able to drive (I think Mary is getting tired of being a chaffer. She keeps trying to get me to drive. She says not to listen to the doctors, probably nothing will happen. I get tempted, but if I zone out like before, driving a multi-ton vehicle is not the place to be.) Well, enough winning and moaning. Mary is going to drive me somewhere to eat. (Yeah! No cold cut sandwiches tonight. Although, my mayonnaise and bologna sandwiches aren't bad. They just get boring after a while.) That's to all the people (family and friends) who've offered help and supported. I probably would have gone off the deep end without you.
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